Accredited Membership

This is awarded to those individuals who regularly appear (or have appeared) in public in the Guise of a Fool or Beast.

It is normally only awarded to persons who are associated with Morris Dancing in its many forms.

However, those who have such roles in regional festivals, certain types of folk plays, or other forms of UK Folklore,
may be deemed eligible at the discretion of the officers.

Accredited Membership implies acceptance or the aims and objectives of the Illustrious Order of Fools and Beasts.

Associate Membership

This is granted to anyone who seeks to support and further the aims and objectives of the order.

They may be Musicians, Dancers, Researchers, Constructors, Photographers, or people who aspire to becoming Fools or Beasts in future.

This category may be upgraded to Accredited Membership when the criteria are fulfilled.

In general Associate Membership is only granted to people who have attended an Unconvention or other gathering of the Order.

Rules of Admission

The decision to admit to either grade of membership is at the discretion of the “Squire” and the “Scrivener and Convener” of the Order, normally after discussion with other senior fools or beasts.

As the objective of the order is to ensure that the standard of Fooling enhances the image of the Folk Tradition, membership will only be awarded to persons who have demonstrated to the satisfaction of the officers that they meet this important criterion.

No discussion will be entertained on the refusal to admit any individual.

Membership is open to overseas members, who attend events organised by the Order.

Withdrawal of Membership

Should any member bring the order into disrepute, or behave in a manner contrary to the objectives of the order, membership may be withdrawn at the discretion of the officers. In this case the member will be informed in writing of the reasons for the decision. The Squire’s decision is final.

Cessation of Membership

Members who wish to leave the order, cease to be actively involved in the roles covered by the order, or play no part in its activities for five years, will be moved to the “Past Members” list and will not be informed of current activities.

Deceased members will remain permanently on the records of the Order.