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Jack Brown

also Uttoxeter, Men of Mercia, Lichfield, etc.

Jack has been dancing for over 50 years and was instrumental in the re-discovery of the Lichfield tradition. He has written books on the Lichfield dances as well as the Abbots Bromley Horn Dance, in which he as long been involved.

His status as a fool is more recent, having taken on the role after the demise of Johnny Burke. The Cow’s tail accoutrement was a new innovation for Stafford Fools.

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Morris Sunderland

also Letchworth and Bedford

Morris was one of the founders of the Fools Union. His name was quite a coincidence. He was named after William Morris whom his parents held in high esteem, as they were very much followers of his Arts & crafts Movement. It was a happy coincidence that when living in Letchworth both Morris and his father became interested in the Morris dancing. He became Squire of the Morris Ring in 1974 as an Offley man, one of a long line of fools to hold the top office of the Ring. He brought fun and wisdom to all who met him and was a true ambassador for the Morris.

He died on 29th October 1989.