Officers of the Order

The Squire of Fools and Beasts

is elected, self appointed, or beaten into submission by the membership

He is in total charge of the organisation, with the minor drawback that nobody takes any notice of anything he says or does.

Only the most foolish of individuals aspires to this role.

The current Squire is Julian Kohler – Fool to Plymouth Morris Men.

The Scrivener and Convener

is normally plied with so much beer or cider that he


to take on the job.

This role is the where all the work is done and where all the blame for any minor, (or major), errors is attributed.

His job is to keep the records, arrange the venues for events and cajole local members into organising them. He writes the letters, deals with any money we may acquire and is the link with the Morris Organisations. He looks after our stock of badges and certificates, acts as the main communication channel for the members, deals with publicity, insurance and even issues pills and potions to sick fools and beasts. In fact anything that needs doing!

The current holder is Robert Chisman of Trigg Morris from Bodmin, Cornwall.

However, it is rumoured that the power behind the throne is one Trigger Trotter, a Beast of Bodmin.